Swipe navigation

This feature allows your visitors to easily navigate through your website by swiping on their mobile devices. Not only is this feature user-friendly and interactive, but it also helps to keep visitors on your website longer.

Think about it, when your visitors can easily navigate through your website using a simple swipe, they're more likely to stick around and explore different pages. This means more time spent on your website and potentially more conversions.

Creators ready

Our WordPress theme includes a user registration and content submission feature that makes it easy for content creators to become a part of your website. With this feature, content creators can register for an account, log in, and submit their own content (videos and photos).

MediaSwipe also includes a customizable profile feature that allows content creators to personalize their own profile page with information such as their bio, contact details, and social media links. This feature also includes the option to upload a profile picture and banner, which helps to make the content creator's profile stand out.

Front-end content adding

The frontend content submission feature built into our MediaSwipe WordPress theme makes it simple for content creators to add their own photos or videos right from the homepage of your website. By doing away with the necessity for them to log in to your website's backend, this feature streamlines the content submission procedure.

During video uploading, the theme will automatically create video poster and thumbnail. The images generated are size and weight optimized to improve your site's loading speed and therefore its SEO.


This feature allows your website visitors to save their favorite posts, so they can easily find them later. It's perfect for a media website where users might want to come back to specific content.

And the best part is that it's super easy to use! When a visitor is watching a post, they can simply click on the heart button, and the post will be saved for them to access later. No more searching through pages and pages of content to find that one article they loved! Plus, it also allow users to come back to your site more often which is good for your website's engagement. It's a win-win!

Avertising slots

Make money by adding advertising banners, iframes or scripts that will be displayed randomly every 5 slides during the swiping process. This feature allows you to monetize your website by displaying ads to your users as they swipe through your content.

You have to add the desired advertising code to the theme options (WordPress customizer) in order to use this feature. Additionally, you may decide how frequently the banners will appear—every five slides, for instance. This is a fantastic approach to increase your website's revenue without having to rely on conventional advertising strategies.

More features

Front-end Login/Registration

Your users can create an account (real-time detection of the availability of usernames) or login directly to the front of your site.

Short Creator Profile URL

Short and easy-to-share URL for your creators's profiles.

Comments Ready

The comments section for each post is dynamically loaded and perfectly integrated into the design of your site.

Ajax Pagination

Classical pagination has been replaced with infinite loading using ajax technology to provide a better user experience.

Post Views Counter

No plugin needed, MediaSwipe will track the number of views for each post and will display it dynamically.

Copy to Share

Share posts URLs easily across different social networks thanks to the copy button displayed on every slide.

Fullscreen Option

Display each video or photo in a fullscreen mode in order to allow visitors to focus on the media content.

Advanced Sorting

Allow your users to sort the displaying of posts by type of media (video or photo) as well as by tags and categories.

Auto-Save Settings

Your creators will be able to make changes to their profile without having the need to click on a save button.

Auto Play/Pause Video

The current video playing is automatically paused once it is swiped to reduce the amount of data that needs to be loaded.

Customized Video Player

When playing in fullscreen, the progress bar of the player uses the main color of your site for perfect integration.

Video Duration

When you or a creator uploads a video via the frontend form, its duration is automatically detected, saved and displayed.


Don't believe us,
believe them.

My video website recently moved to the MediaSwipe theme, and the performance has improved significantly. The theme is properly tuned for search engine optimization, and organic traffic to my site has significantly increased. The speed at which the page loads has been significantly increased, which is important for retaining visitors. Additionally, the theme is incredibly user-friendly and flexible. Whoever is seeking for a quick, SEO-ready media theme should definitely check out this theme!

William H.

I just bought the MediaSwipe WordPress theme for my photography website, and I'm very glad I did. In addition to being visually gorgeous, the theme also made it simple for me to present my portfolio in a tidy and orderly manner. Since the theme is completely responsive, my website looks fantastic on all devices. Any issues I had during the setup procedure were expertly answered by the customer support staff. Any media professional wishing to create a stunning website should definitely choose this theme, in my opinion.

Clara M.

I launched my own video sharing platform using MediaSwipe WP theme a few days ago and for the moment I'm satisfied. The theme is specifically designed for video sharing sites, and it allows me and my users to easily upload videos, as well as customize the look and feel of my site. I highly recommend this theme to anyone looking to create a video sharing platform like TikTok. The swipe feature brings dynamism to my site and the full height photos/videos make it immersive.

Douglas K.

Thanks a lot MediaSwipe! As a woman entrepreneur, I was looking for a theme that was not only functional but also stylish and elegant. The theme exceeded my expectations in all aspects. It is easy to use and customize, and allowed me to create a beautiful mobile video blog. The customer support team was also extremely helpful and patient in answering all my questions. I highly recommend MediaSwipe theme ;)

Florine H.

Awesome! This theme is perfect for a media membership site. My users can easily add new photos and videos thanks to frontend form. The theme is also fully customizable, so I was able to make it look and feel just like my brand. The customer support team was also extremely helpful in answering any questions I had during the setup process. I highly recommend this theme to anyone looking to create a membership site.

Zachary A.


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